Off to Primary School.

Over the last few weeks we have been preparing our older children for the transition to primary school. We have made a display showing which children will be going to which school. The children have been dressing up in donated school uniforms and role playing going off to school and today they experienced school lunches. They used actual school dinner trays and were able to choose what they wanted to eat from a selection of two different pasta dishes, fish fingers, chips, cucumber, grated carrot and cheese.

Planting sunflower seeds

This week the children have been learning about growth. All children had the opportunity to plant a sunflower seed and over the next few months will help to care for them in our nursery's garden.

Handling the chicks!!

There has been great excitement and anticipation in the nursery this week. The chicks are growing fast and were now big enough to be handled. Each child had the opportunity to hold or stroke a chick, most children were very confident and gentle when handling the chicks. Although it isn't possible to post a photo of every child holding a chick online, rest assured that photos were taken of all children and they will be put into their Learning Journeys for parents to treasure.

The chicken eggs have hatched!!

There has been great excitement this week at nursery. On Monday we had a delivery of ten fertilized chicken eggs from a company called Living Eggs. By Wednesday the first chick had hatched followed swiftly over night by the rest. The children have been able to watch the initial pipping and subsequent hatching process with much awe and excitement. They have been able to learn about the life cycle of a chicken first hand. The staff have encouraged the children to talk about what they have seen, draw pictures and make models of the chicks. Next week the children are very much looking forward to handling the chicks!!

World Book Day 2021

It was so lovely to see many of our children dressed up as characters from their favourite stories and films. The children admired each others costumes both bought and home made. Sharing books with your children will foster a life long love of reading.

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