Financial Information  

Thornton Heath Nursery School is a Local Authority maintained school situated in north Croydon which is led and managed by Pegasus Academy Trust through a service level agreement.  The School Information (England) Regulations 2020 took effect from January 2021 and requires maintained schools to publish on their website the number of school employees (if any) whose gross annual salary is £100,000 or more in increments of £10,000.


Employees with a gross annual salary on £100,000 or more

At Thornton Heath Nursery School, no individual employee has a gross annual salary of £100,000 or more.

School’s Financial Benchmarking

These Regulations also require schools to publish a link to their specific page on the Schools Financial Benchmarking site.

Key financial information, including financial benchmarking in comparison to other schools, is available online by following the link below:

Thornton Heath Nursery School – Schools Financial Benchmarking – GOV.UK

Last modified on 1st February, 2024

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