Parent Feedback

Please click here for an overview of our THNS Parent Questionnaire Feedback 2022-2023. Many thanks to all those families who contributed and shared your ideas of how we can make THNS even better!

“The atmosphere and the connections between the children and the staff is great.”

“Staff are very caring, you are always greeted with a smile and everyone makes time for you if you need some help or need to talk about your child.”

“Lots of time outside in a well organised garden, lovely teachers, friendly staff.”

“The Head of Nursery has really supported us to find the best nursery for our son.  She took time to talk to us and went to see a nursery with us. The Heads have a good knowledge of the children.”

“Everyone is kind and professional”

“The teachers are very attentive to the needs of our child. They are kind, friendly and caring.”

“I love the freedom of work focused play at the nursery. I also appreciate the fact that the key workers communicate so well with my children and myself, really taking on board any concerns or suggestions I may have. The keyworkers are great at explaining things to me and they are really patient with me as a parent”

“In every instance I have found the nursery to be excellent and very welcoming.”

“The teachers support the children and they are keen on seeing the children grow. It is remarkable to see the Head of Nursery and office staff always at the door welcoming the children to the school.”

“Our child comes home and tells us about his day, he loves nursery.”

Last modified on 25th February, 2024

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