Parents into Reading Workshop

The launch of ‘Parents into Reading’ workshop at Thornton Heath Nursery School was a great success. It was a pleasure to see so many parents attending and being inspired by the information and advice that the workshop had to offer. Parents reported back on the aspects that they found most useful-these included:

• Watching video clips of the teachers and parents reading;
• Understanding the techniques that are used when we are teaching reading and how reading skills can be developed;
• The tips that can be used at home e.g. using the pictures, asking questions, children turning pages themselves, retelling story, reading the same book again and if their child chooses to etc.
• Reassurance that it is as important for parents to read to their children in their home language or make up the words by using the pictures if they have difficulties reading the text;
• The opportunity to share their experiences with other parents;
• A reminder that building a ‘love for reading’ is paramount;
The school now looks forward to welcoming all parents every Wednesday when they stay and read with their children during the first 45 minutes of each session.

Parents into Reading presentation