Maths Through Stories Workshop

The launch of ‘Maths Through Stories’ workshop at Thornton Heath Nursery School was a great success. It was great to see so many parents attending and being inspired by the information and advice that the workshop had to offer. Parents reported back on the aspects that they found most useful-these included:

  • This workshop has shown me how to use mathematical language when I’m sharing stories with my child
  • I will be able to identify mathematical concepts in story books
  • I know how to encourage my child to take maths concepts from stories into the wider environment
  • I loved making the resources
  • I enjoyed sharing ideas with parents
  • This workshop gave me lots of ideas for further learning at home
  • Great interactive opportunities
  • I now understand how to find numeracy in books and introduce this to my child
  • The teacher was enthusiastic and encouraged us to be the same

Please click on the links below to download the resources and presentation.