10 June 2024

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We have been reading a new story this week called ‘Whatever next’. The children are really enjoying this story featuring a little bear using his imagination to go to the moon. He finds wellington boots to act as his space boots, a colander to be his space helmet and a cardboard box to be his rocket. As always, we have been retelling the story using images but also pairs of boots, boxes and our own space helmets. The bear has a picnic in space, so next week the children are going to make a large rocket and we are going to the moon and having a picnic!

The children have a space centre set up in the role play area and this was created simply by utilising different things found around the nursery. We have a tent, fairy lights, old laptop, phone and a small table and chairs. One astronaut costume means the children have to take turns and they do this by using the sand timer and have done very well. There is also a large toy rocket with figures for them to play with. This simple but affective activity has covered so many areas of the curriculum and we will be continuing it next week as there is so much more we can get from this.

In the garden this week we have had all the fire engines out and a small fire station made for the children, they have been very focused and involved in this all week. By observing the children play it is clear how much understating many of the children have of the important role the fire service plays in society.

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Published on 10th June, 2024

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