01 December 2023

Yummy treats!

This week the children in Ladybird class have been learning all about the number five. They have all had the opportunity to try and form the number or make five individual marks.

Our cooking activity this week was making shortbread. The children needed to listen and follow the instructions the adult gave to them. They measured out the sugar and butter first then mixed them together until they were soft and creamy. Then they added the flour a little bit at a time until all the ingredients were combined and formed a soft dough. The dough was then pressed into a baking tin and put in the oven to cook. While the children waited for their shortbread to cook one of them asked if we could add some chocolate to the shortbread. Luckily we had some chocolate left over from last week’s cooking!  Once the shortbread was cooked it was left to cool, then the melted chocolate was added on top and it was put in the fridge to harden. The children got to take a piece home to share with their family.

We have continued the story of ‘Goldilocks and the three bears’ as the children have really enjoyed this. It is important to repeat stories as this helps to embed story language, understanding of the story and also the story structure. Many children are now able to re- tell the story back to an adult and we have also heard them using language from the book during their self initiated learning. The children have had several types of props out for the story this week and it has been so nice watching and listening to them retell the story using these. The children also tried porridge at snack time this week and most of them ate it and went back for more.

Our messy play this week has been cornflour. The children had spoons and sieves. They spooned the cornflour into the sieve, it became solid as they scooped it up and once it was in the sieve it turned back to liquid and it drizzled through the sieve holes. The children had to really focus when doing this as the cornflour changes its form very quickly. Although this was very messy the children really enjoyed it. We also had the artic animals out on the black tray with fake snow, shaving foam and ice, this created a stimulating winter scene for the children to use with the arctic animals especially as it has now turned very cold! We even saw a little bit of snow today!  This has given the children some new textures to explore.  The children were very curious but not so keen when everything had been combined together.

Well done Ladybird class, this week has been very busy. Next week the festive fun begins!!

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Published on 1st December, 2023

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