24 January 2022

Would you swim with a piranha?

This week the children were asked, “Would you swim with a piranha?”.  After seeing our hero Steve Backshall getting bitten on the thumb, many children decided a swim in the Amazon was not for them.  However, as you can see from the photo of our survey board, for many children it was a big yes!

In other news, our digging area has yielded several treasures, from a beautiful piece of plate to a long forgotten potato which must have been lost during the great potato hunt of the autumn.

Our snack time has been revamped, with smaller groups and a ticketing system using number mats.  This gives the children a chance to talk and share in a tranquil environment.  Time to talk about both favourite treats and healthy food choices, and the importance of keeping a healthy balance between the two.  Snack time food is now prepared by a different group of children each day, giving further opportunity for speaking and listening development as well as some number work as fruit is peeled, divided and grouped.

After lots of talk about volcanoes and lava this week, we have decided to read “Usborne Beginners: Volcanoes” next week.  Keep an eye out for our Volcanic Creations next week!

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Published on 24th January, 2022

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