15 December 2023

Worms, Compost and Glittery Fingers!

This week, the last of the Autumn leaves were shovelled, barrowed and shifted to the planters to begin the process of making new soil for our planting to come later in the year. We have discussed how the worms will eat up the leaves and create the rich soil needed for our tomatoes to grow… tomatoes which will become the base of our bubble bread pizzas in the summer!

We also chopped, cooked and ate the last of our garden grown vegetables; a rather beefy marrow and a slightly sorry looking pumpkin which have been on display since November for all to see! Both were devoured by the rainbow children of Thornton Heath who flexed their muscles after eating their organic snack time treat.

Christmas crafting continued and will be ongoing up the wire next week as those calendars, shooting stars, tree decorations and cards wont glitter, ribbon and “besequin” themselves… ready to overjoy our parents and carers come Christmas morning!

Inside, lentils have been coloured, soaked and squashed…a perfect strength work out for little hands and fingers. Rio and his granny made some fresh playdough after Jim’s tired, crumbly dough failed the squeeze test last week. It proved to not only be all that Jim’s dough couldn’t be, but also to have the longevity needed to serve a busy Nursery for over a week of  squeezing, rolling, chopping and moulding fun!

Our Christmas singalong rehearsals have been going from strength to strength and the children continue to delight with their magic beards and angelic voices. Father Sean and Father Joshua are in for a real treat when our community come together to sing next week!

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Published on 15th December, 2023

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