25 November 2022

When Goldilocks visited the bears!

This week Ladybird class have been focusing on the story of ‘Goldilocks and the three bears’

The children have listened to the story in a variety of different ways. They have had the story read to them, re-enacted by adults using props and they have watched it on the interactive white board. The children have had the opportunity to tell the story in their own words using the props themselves. We have been using comparative language, comparing big and small bears, bowls and beds. We have also had a focus on counting this week connecting our counting to the story. The children have also made and tried porridge this week. They helped measure the ingredients out and mix them together, then the porridge was cooked. When it had cooled down the children tasted it, some liked it more than others, but all were willing to try.

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Published on 25th November, 2022

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