01 October 2021

We’re Going On A Bear Hunt – Nursery Room

This week the children have been enjoying reading, retelling and performing the classic, “We’re Going on Bear Hunt” by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury. Our garden was transformed into swampy mud, freezing snow storms and of course a rather spooky, narrow, gloomy cave!

We also asked ourselves a very interesting question… “Would you hug a polar bear?” We all answered the question and then watched an exciting BBC clip featuring a scientist getting very close indeed to a hungry bear. Having watched the clip, featuring huge teeth and sharp claws many of us changed our minds.

The children were then invited to write their name and add their name to either the “Yes I would hug a polar bear!” list or indeed the other, “No! I would not hug a polar bear!” list. Would you hug a polar bear?

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Published on 1st October, 2021

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