13 January 2023

Welcoming new friends

Welcome back to our returning children who were with us before the Christmas holiday and a very warm welcome to our new friends in Ladybird class. We hope you had a great holiday and wish you all a happy new year.

This week Ladybird class have been very busy, they have been welcoming our new children and have been showing them our exciting nursery environment. This term we are focusing on Amazing Animals. The children have the opportunity to learn all about different animals all over the world. We have started with jungle animals as many children are already familiar with some of them. The children have been watching videos about the jungle and they have been listening to the different sounds they can hear such as rain, birds and wind. We have seen what a jungle looks like and the different animals that live in the jungle. This has given everyone the opportunity to use this as a vocal point to develop our speaking and listening skills.

We are also focusing on the number one and the letter S next week, this will help the children to understand the value of one and learn how to make the correct sound for the letter S which will help them when learning to sound out words when learning to read.

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Published on 13th January, 2023

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