08 December 2019

Ladybird Winter Display

This week our Ladybird (two year olds) class have been very busy making a winter display. We have been talking about winter with the children. We asked about the weather during winter time and the type of clothes we would wear, some of the words they used are written on the snowflakes.The adults wanted to create some wintery pictures but the children decided that they wanted to paint snowmen. The children painted their representations of a snowman using black paper and white paint to make the snowman stand out more. The children had a choice of different media to choose from so they could add different features and clothes to their snowman. The children remained focused and paid attention to detail and investigated new ways to do things for example, how different media such as material, paint and tissue paper can be used to create a picture. Using their own ideas they developed how they wanted their snowman to look.

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Published on 8th December, 2019

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