24 June 2022

We finished our bear hunt!

The ladybird children have continued with the story “Going on a bear hunt” this week. They have all managed to learn some of the repeated phrases from the story for example, “We’re not scared!”,  “Uh-oh we can’t go over it we can’t go under it, we’ve got to go through it.”, “Uh oh, river.”, “Hoooo woooo.” and have joined in each story time with these and followed the actions for example waving arms for long wavy grass and tip toeing through the forest.

The story telling props and story book have been out each day for the children to independently access and re-tell the story themselves which they have all had a turn at doing. We have managed to do a display board of “The bear hunt “ using the children’s different pieces of work they have completed over the past two weeks, we have even used the children’s own words to tell the story.


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Published on 24th June, 2022

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