21 September 2020

We are independent learners

The children in our 2 year old room have had a fantastic start to the new term. We are growing in confidence and independence when selecting the resources we want to use and we are having a great time exploring them. We have accessed learning in our outdoor and indoor environments! We have explored attaching different materials to create our own sensory wall. We worked together to create a car track using tyres, wooden planks, tyres and cardboard tubes. What fun we had driving our cars and trucks around the track! We have been confidently climbing and balancing in our outdoor area, it was very tricky to climb over the top of the “A frame” ! Can you spot the wild animals hiding in our jungle? We heard the lions roar, the elephants were stamping their feet and the gorilla’s were hiding in the leaves! Some of us chose to quietly look at our favourite stories such as “Brown bear, brown bear what do you see?” and afterwards we hunted for the animals in the story. What a busy day we’ve had.

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Published on 21st September, 2020

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