20 January 2023

Walking through the jungle

This term our topic is all about “Amazing Animals”. The Ladybird class have been reading the book ‘Walking through the jungle’ by Julie Lacome . This story is available on youtube and can be accessed here if you would like to read it with your child. They have been learning about the way different animals move, the different sounds they make, differences between sizes using the language big and small. Whilst looking at the different skin textures they used words such as soft, rough, smooth and scaly. We have all worked hard together to make an amazing jungle display for the room. The children have had the opportunity to use different media to represent the jungle vegetation and the different animals for example boxes, tape, paint, paper and foliage from our garden. With support from the adults they were able to make 3D jungle animals. Displaying the children’s work shows we value what they do and also gives them a sense of pride in what they have achieved. This has been a very busy and messy two weeks for the children but lots of fun.

There will be a new number and letter each week for the children to learn, next week the children will be focusing on the number two and the letter A, this will help the children to understand the value of two and learn how to make the correct sound for the letter A which will help them when learning to sound out words when learning to read. The letter sound for A is “a” as in ant, animal, alphabet.

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Published on 20th January, 2023

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