19 May 2023

Treasure Hunters, Voters and Counters!

This week the potato plants have thrived in the warmth and light of the sun. The children have had to transport barrows of soil to keep the leaves covered, encouraging more growth and more potatoes! In just a few weeks we will find out if we have enough potatoes for 100 children to enjoy wedges and ketchup… or will Tesco have to supplement our potato harvest?

Water fun has continued outside, with complex aqueducts and routes of pipes constructed and used throughout the week.

The digging area saw pirates uncovering lost treasure, from lost keys to the sparkling gems which had former lives as perfume bottle tops!  The treasure buckets were fit to burst, with lots of counting and sorting opportunities, besides children developing their strength and coordination through the use of our robust digging equipment.

There was slime galore in the messy play area. The oozing, stretching and dripping, turned to chopping and splatting as the slime changed state over several days. A physical and sensory experience for the children and one to encourage lots of speaking and listening, not to mention a shared experience and lots of fun!

Independent reading and story time changed this week as we saw children voting for their story of the session from a choice of two books. Children discussed their choices; some books were new to the children, others were old favourites. Lots of thought was put into choices, and the votes were carefully counted. This provided a time to reflect on choices, but also to experience compromise and respect for a group decision, an important element of British values.

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Published on 19th May, 2023

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