28 November 2023

Time to celebrate

Ladybird class were very busy last week. As you know Diwali was celebrated the whole week so the children have enjoyed completing different activities to learn about this special time.

The children have been painting the diva lamps that they made, they sprinkled glitter over them to make them sparkly and glittery, they are really pretty.

The have had the opportunity to make Rangoli patterns. They had a choice of three different patterns and once they had chosen the pattern that they wanted they painted them. The children are getting very good at making choices.

We have also drawn some Mehndi patters on hand templates. Adults showed the children some patterns and demonstrated drawing them, they explained how to create circles, swirls, zig zags and lines whilst introducing the language related to this experience.

We made Barfi sweets during our cooking time this week. The children had to listen and follow the adult’s instructions to successfully pour and mix the ingredients together. When they had done that they needed to roll the mixture between the palms of their hands to make a ball shape. The sticky sweets needed to go in the fridge to harden. The sweets were then taken home to be shared with friends and family.

As the children worked so hard during the week, we were able to create a beautiful display showing all the wonderful work they had produced.

This week we have been focusing on maths. The playdough was enhanced with a selection of different sized cutters, the children were asked if they could cut a big star and a small bear The children had to look through the different sized cutters to find the right size. By doing this activity the children have learnt to listen, understand and distinguish between sizes. The messy play was lentils, rice and peas, the children were doing lots of pouring and filling, learning the concept of full/empty. We have also been learning about the number 5.  All of the children have had a go at writing the number 5 using dry markers and whiteboards.

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Published on 28th November, 2023

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