10 February 2023

This is me!

The Ladybird Class have been very creative this week. They have been creating self-portraits. The children had to listen carefully and follow instructions to achieve their masterpieces. They have also had the opportunity to do some colour mixing. They mixed two colours together to make a new colour, most children made purple or brown but this has been a good experience for them to see how colours change and how you can make new colours using red, yellow and blue. We have also been making collages by cutting pictures from magazine’s and sticking them on to the paper. This was not only creative but has helped us learn how to use scissors safely and hold them correctly.

The children have tried buttered potatoes and tomato pasta with cheese this week, and they have really enjoyed having something different for their snack time.

We have been listening to jazz music all week and now understand that some music is very calming and we can move our body’s to the music in a slower way. The children have been teaching the staff some new moves.

The children have been focusing on the number five and the letter I, which will help the children to understand the value of five and learn how to make the correct sound for the letter I, which will help them when learning to sound out words when learning to read. Well done Ladybird Class, what a busy week.

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Published on 10th February, 2023

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