07 July 2023

The Wellbeing Way… The THNS Way!

Using a book and characters from a new initiative by Croydon Council we have been talking about “The Wellbeing Way”.

We have reflected upon the fact that, as rainbow children, we know to eat our fruit and vegetables of many different colours to keep our bodies strong.

But how do we keep our happiness strong?

What makes us and the people we love happy?

What do we say and do each day to keep ourselves and those around us happy?

Please follow the link here to find out more and to download numerous resources.

Happily, our nursery setting provides opportunities for the children to “get” their “5 A Day on Wellbeing Way”!

This week, the children asked each other an interesting question, “Which food will the snails like best?”. We discussed three different menu choices: biscuits, lettuce and cucumber. Many children felt that biscuits were so delicious they simply had to be the snails’ first choice, however many children made the link between our sunflowers leaves being munched relentlessly and the leaves of a lettuce….As always with our surveys, the children wrote their names and added them beneath the option they felt most likely to be the snails’ favourite.

The next day, we collected 10 snails and placed them an equal distance from each food option. 2 snails went to the biscuit, 3 to the cucumber and 2 to the lettuce. 3 Snails decided they weren’t hungry and went for perhaps the most intelligent option…..a speedy(ish) exit.  The results were inconclusive, but a great experience none the less, from counting to sharing ideas to developing quiet, patient observation skills. All vital tools for the scientists of the future.

Fresh courgette was back on the menu this week. Not for the ravenous snails, but for the children. Picked, chopped and fried in less than 10 minutes with the children assisting at every step. Again, the children of Thornton Heath seeing, doing and knowing the process of food production from seed, to plant, to kitchen, to fork!

A bumper raspberry crop was harvested midweek. We discussed how the rain and sun had helped the raspberry plant to grow its fruit, along with some help from the butterflies and the bees.

We counted 23 raspberries, which were separated into segments to ensure everyone who wanted to, could have a taste. The children carefully inspected each little piece of berry, holding them up to the sun light to reveal the even tinier seed encased by the “delicious”, “sweetie” like fruit.

Blackcurrants and red currants were also on the menu. Both rather sour and certainly an acquired taste, many children showing off their sophisticated palates and harvesting or indeed scrumping the bushes before the end of the week!

Once the rain had passed, we were able to release our beautiful butterflies which emerged from their chrysalises during the week. The painted ladies joined the numerous other species of butterflies who have been visiting our wild flower planters, runner bean, pumpkin and courgette flowers.

Inside towers were built, watercolours were blended and collages featured feathers, foil and bottle tops.

Children had a chance to try on the school uniforms of their future schools. Valuable practise with tricky buttons and zips, but also a talking point as children discussed their visits and meetings with their soon to be teachers.


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Published on 7th July, 2023

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