19 May 2023

The same but different.

This term we have been focusing on the music genre Motown. The children had the opportunity to listen to different songs and sounds, they were able to move freely expressing themselves through dancing. The children really enjoyed this and used different types of instruments whilst dancing and listening to the music.

This week the ladybird class have been talking about the ‘differences’ between themselves and others. They have talked about different skin colour, eye and hair colours, girl or boy, adult or child and many other differences between people. The children also had figures of people to compare, they did really well with noticing different features.

The children have been looking at familiar books with an adult. They have had the opportunity to re-tell the story using props. This has shown that the children listen well at story time and are able to remember some of the familiar phrases from a book.

Today the children played with the trollies that the big room kindly said we could try. The children have had to learn to share and take turns as there were only four trolleys and they did very well. They were able to push their friends around the garden or just pull the trolley, they have to be very strong to push a friend around because of the additional weight in the trolley. Pushing and pulling trolleys develops our muscle tone, gross motor skills and sense of direction.

The children have focused on repeated patterns this week using pattern cards. They had to pick a pattern card to copy. Adult’s modelled the activity to the children whilst explaining to them that they had to follow the pattern on the card and using the correctly coloured beads. The children looked at the card and were able to follow the pattern. When they were finished the children had the opportunity to make their own pattern, they select the coloured beads they wanted and made their own pattern for a friend to copy. Well done children you have all worked so hard this week.

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Published on 19th May, 2023

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