29 September 2023

The Rainbow Fire Feast!

After losing a giant marrow to a hungry creature last week, we decided it was time to harvest and eat our produce.

The day before the feast, every child took part in bubble bread dough making…not to make a large loaf, but for each child to make their own flat bread. As always, ingredients were discussed and measured and then combined for the overnight proving to take place.

On the day of The Rainbow Fire Feast, pumpkins and courgettes/marrows were chopped by the adults during group time…under the very close supervision of the children. The children handled the home grown goodies; seeds were removed and counted,  colour, texture and even sound was experienced and discussed. Once prepped, it was fire time!

A fire kitchen was carefully built and the safety rules discussed with the children.  We all watched as the fire was lit and smoke drifted up towards the sky. The children noticed the smoke changed from “black and low” to “white and flying up”. As the fire grew hotter the smoke became white and then almost blue!

Our pumpkins and courgettes were complimented by sweet potatoes and peppers from the shop. This made our feast a multi-coloured one. At Thornton Heath Nursery we know that in order to be really healthy, we need to eat fruit and vegetables of many different colours! “We are rainbow children!”

With the fruit and veg cooked it was bubble-flat-bread time. The children formed their bread from the sticky dough they had made the day before using the sticky yeast whose job is to “blow the bubbles in”. Manipulating the dough with quick, floury hands stopped things from getting too messy…

The feast was enjoyed by all. Some children were a little unsure of the pumpkins, but bravely tasted the bright orange flesh.  As always, bubble flat breads were devoured with relish!

In other news this week…

Our autumnal interest table featured 5 different seed types as well as foliage in an increasing array of colours. These natural objects were observed, handled, squeezed, dissected and incorporated into role play… from bewitching potions, to a freshly cooked dinner!

Our new monoscopes have been put to use in the garden. The children have attempted to view the actions of the naughty magpies who live across the road and who seem to be bothering the neighbourhood pigeons. The magpies are rather illusive despite being the nosiest of all our neighbours.

Voting has continued during story time as children select their favourites. This gives children an opportunity to reflect on favourites and share their feelings. Votes also need to be counted and compared.   Karen’s group have discussed the problem of a tied vote, who would get the final say?!

Another busy week!




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Published on 29th September, 2023

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