10 May 2024

The First Crop is Harvested!

Maria led the first planting back in March and this week the radishes were harvested, washed, chopped and tentatively nibbled by some of the children…unfortunately they were rough, tough and given a resounding thumbs down from all who tried them! Fingers crossed that the pumpkins, courgettes and corn grow to be sweet and tender.

Over the bank holiday weekend Jenette and her grandson looked after “Fish”…despite having the fish for some weeks they have remained unnamed… Jenette demanded we name the poor creature so a vote was instigated. The children were asked, “Which name shall we give our fish?” In group time and during free play the question was posed, marks made and the votes counted and then totalled.  We can proudly announce that “Fish” is now called “Gaby”!

With the sun shining this week, the snails were on the back foot. The hungry creatures were collected and moved away from our newly planted seedlings…which are all still intact, despite the wet bank holiday weekend.

Sunshine meant picnic snack time and extended water transportation and play in the garden. The Summer term has definitely started!

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Published on 10th May, 2024

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