14 July 2022

Tech time parent workshop!

At our parent workshop this week we rolled out a host of “toys” that not only promote early computing skills but also cross link to other areas of the curriculum.

Parents / carers and their children created artwork using the Bee-Bots programming them to move left, right, forwards and backwards!

The Bee-Bots were also programmed to travel around a desert island mat, farmyard map and a traditional tales mat, this type of programming supports early knowledge of co-ordinates.

The Rugged Racers and Wonderbugs were skilfully driven around the environment using their remote control device – great for learning about direction!

Armed with iPads, children and parent/carers were also able to access some of our favourite stories by scanning QR codes. The children have been independently doing this since the beginning of the spring term and are now experts!

Parents / carers were also given information about balancing screen time which can be found here.

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Published on 14th July, 2022

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