03 May 2024

“Swishy, swashy”

We have continued to read the story ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’. The children are really enjoying this story and we have even been practicing retelling it through actions and words with many children being able to recall the repeated refrain throughout the story. This is giving us the opportunity to introduce some new words for the children for example, swishy, splash, squelch and stumble. Reading the story over several weeks has provided the children with an opportunity to explore the text, hear and learn new vocabulary, develop an understanding of the story and memorise sections for recall.

The children have had further opportunity to retell the story through the learning activities that have been on offer for example through messy play. A tuff tray of varying materials was organised to represent key elements of the story. There was water, mud, shaving foam, foliage and different types of cereal to represent the areas of the bear hunt. This did get very messy but it gave the children the opportunity to act out the parts of the story they remembered and experience different textures whilst exploring small world play through the figurines and animals that were added to the tray.

The children have been cooking this week and with some adult support they made some delicious flap jacks. The recipe for our flapjacks is available here. Some of the work had to be done by an adult because we had to use the hob to melt the ingredients together.  They were able to pour and mix the other ingredients into the sticky melted butter, sugar and syrup. When all the ingredients had been mixed together the children each had a turn to spoon it into a cup case. Our flap jacks were put into the oven to cook. The children were able to take these home to share with their family.

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Published on 3rd May, 2024

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