28 April 2023

Sun, soil and seeds.

The Ladybird class have had lots of new children start since returning after the Easter break which has made our room very busy.  All of the returning children have adapted to this very well and have taken the new starters under their wing. They have showed them all the fantastic resources that we can use to learn through play and have helped them learn the routines of snack and story time.

This week has been very busy as the children have been learning how to plant seeds. They have learnt how to part fill the pot with soil and using their finger make a hole in the soil then add the seed. They then added more soil on top of the seed and gave it some water. All the children’s seeds have been covered to protect them from the frost and any unwanted mini beasts such as slugs and snails. Once the seeds have germinated they will be transferred to a large planter so they have more room to grow. Some of our children have been fascinated by snails this week and have made little snail environments in plastic trays and have taken the snails home to be looked after.

The children have had to choice of what they would like to plant, choosing from beans, tomatoes, lettuce, radishes and sunflowers. We will be incorporating this into next week’s activities when we will be creating still life paintings of a sunflower and reading the story of ‘Jaspers beanstalk’ written by Nick Butterworth and Mick Inkpen.

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Published on 28th April, 2023

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