29 March 2022

Spring has arrived!

This week, our chicks having developed more and more each day became strong enough to come out of their box for some exercise.

The children have helped care for the chicks, learning about their needs. We have now said goodbye to the chicks as they return to the farm with farmer Gill to re-join their mother hen!

As Spring has arrived, the garden has transformed into a sunny paradise full of fun. We have begun planting …. sunflower, chilli and carrot seeds being sown.  Just as with the chicks, the children have been learning about what our seeds need to be encouraged to germinate and then grow into healthy plants.

Each group has their own bean, which has been “planted” in a transparent bag to allow the children to not only view the process of germination but also keep track and see which group’s bean germinates first!

Our letter and sound of the week was “t” found in tiger, table and telescope. Can you find some /t/ objects around the house?

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Published on 29th March, 2022

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