01 April 2022

Spring cleaning!

Well, it seems we spoke too soon with regard to Spring’s arrival! Luckily, our germinated sunflower seeds have been protected from the icy winds and snow fall and continue to grow. The inclement weather did not prevent the usual fun and exploration at Thornton Heath Nursery School!

Even if the weather had taken a cold turn, it was still time for a spring clean. This meant our entire sand pit had to be emptied to make way for new  fresh sand… many hands made light work with spades, shovels, bags and gigantic muscles!

Our letter and sound of the week was “p” found in pig, party and police!

The playdough station was in full action, along with some potato printing of pigs, police chases in the garden and readings of Spike Lee and Kadir Nelson’s “Please Baby Please”. If you give your children peas for dinner don’t miss the chance to make the whispered /p/ sound!


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Published on 1st April, 2022

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