03 March 2023

Silly Soup Sipping and Smelly Sock Snatching!

This week’s letter and sound of the week was s. Silly soup was being made out of all sorts of strange and stupefying ingredients; snakes, spoons, spiders and stickmen were all being added. Once ready the magical soup is guaranteed to make the person eating it make the sound……..sssssss! There was a rather sinister visitor to the nursery by the name of The Scary Sock Snatcher! He had stolen all the Smelly Socks in Thornton Heath and left them hidden in our garden. Luckily the hero children of our Nursery were on hand to go on a giant sock hunt and return the stolen items!
With it being book and story week this week mums, dads and carers dropped in for some story book related activities as well as story teller Kevin, who came to play his drum and tell us some stories from as far away as Africa!
There were oats to be sprinkled, stirred and stuck in messy play. Some slime turned out to be just too sticky so next week we shall mix a new batch!
There was fruit to be counted and prepared and of course bubble bread to be made from scratch- with the children

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Published on 3rd March, 2023

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