11 March 2022

Silly soup phonics!

This week the children have been incredibly creative as always. Over the course of the week a mountain has risen from the recycling box…. or is it a volcano?… a robot?…Perhaps even a pirate’s ship!?  Each child who contributed had their own ideas; some children spending a lot of time, others adding their own quick contribution and moving on and others coming to be an audience member as tape, glue and string morphed into something new each day.

The letter and sound of the week was the letter “s” in “snake” and “spoon”. Watch the video and see if you can find some objects around the house which begin with this sound.  Some children will be able to write a letter S, others are learning to listen for the sounds and both are important skills. Write the letter for your child and let them watch you do so. Can they run their finger over the letter in the same direction your pen moved?  Put your letter S on the fridge so your child can use their magic finger to trace the letter each time they come into kitchen- especially if they are asking for treats!

“My name is S and my sound is…..”

As the sun shone, the digging area became a hive of activity with forgotten treasures being discovered, washed and stored in several treasure buckets. At Thornton Heath Nursery School we do not use toys to dig. We use tools; strong metal spades and shovels for moving serious amounts of soil.   This digging develops whole body strength, collaboration and communication skills as children negotiate space and safety, as we spend time together sharing our finds and sharing our feelings with one another

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Published on 11th March, 2022

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