30 September 2022

Signs of autumn

This week the children of Thornton Heath Nursery School have been busier than ever.

Our sunflowers’ heads have been devoured by the creatures of our garden and as autumn has commenced it was time to dig up our beloved plants. We have spent the last few weeks watching the snails eat and the leaves slowly turn yellow, brown and then black as the plants decay and return to the soil.  Once dug up, the children observed and felt the roots of the plants and had a closer look at the flower heads where the seeds once were…long gone into the squirrels’ bellies!

Come rain or shine, we have all the gear to get outside and get busy. A special delivery was made last week…over one thousand kilograms of sand! The children completed the delivery themselves, carefully loading barrows and conceiving a quick way of emptying the sand into the pit.

This week, we have been looking at some paintings by the artist Wassily Kandinsky. He used lots of different shapes and colour in his work to make people feel different emotions. We looked at his concentric circles colour study and created some of our own.

The THNS bakery was in full swing for the first time this year. Every child in the Nursery took part in the baking of sourdough bread throughout the week. Measuring the ingredients and talking about the bubbles made by the good germ we call yeast. From now on, the children are baking the bread for their snack time treat every day, growing in independence throughout the year.  Through this experience, the children are developing in a truly holistic manner; developing strength, number and measuring skills, understanding and delivery of instructional language, knowledge and understanding of the world (science) to mention just a few areas.




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Published on 30th September, 2022

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