05 February 2024


This week the children have been watching and discussing a performance by the late Japanese artist Shozo Shimamoto.  We observed Shimamoto preparing, listening to music and embarking upon his energetic application of paint. His performances created beautiful pieces of art and by the end of his performance we were all ready to create for ourselves!

The arrival of some small world, toy penguins led us to research which group of animals a penguin belongs to… are they fish?… are they birds?  David Attenborough, David Tenement and the BBC, alongside our animal information books, helped us answer these questions and more.

Construction is always going on in the nursery. This week a trunk of bricks has found its way inside for use in group time and free play. Children have sorted, counted and balanced the wooden bricks. Of course, buildings and creations will often tumble and the children have supported each other to understand that mistakes happen and rebuilding can lead us to create ever more adventurous arrangements of bricks.

More Shimamoto next week!

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Published on 5th February, 2024

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