15 September 2023

Settling In

This week a gloopy cornflour mix took over our messy play area. Was it wet or dry? Was it slimy and soft or hard and dusty? There were only two things for sure…it was changing all the time and it was very, very messy!

The cornflour gave way to rice midweek. This meant pouring, scooping and mixing. It also meant listening as the grains sprinkled onto a variety of metallic containers, playing delightful tunes as the grains rained down from up high.

As always, playdough was in bountiful supply with children making monsters, pizzas, cookies and the world famous sausages sizzling in a pan. As they work at the playdough station, children’s hands’ muscles are strengthened, dexterity is developed, ideas are shared verbally and physically, friendships are forged and understanding is achieved.

Outside, the natural materials were out in full force as the children collected, built, arranged and counted an array of stone and wood.

As you can see from the photos, our Nursery can be a busy place, where negotiation skills are developed constantly. However, our ample space also affords children the chance to take a moment to quietly reflect or to engage with a task independently at their own pace.

There was no time for home-grown-vegetable-eating this week… but with the garden still producing fruit and vegetables the time will soon be upon us!

Another busy week at THNS.

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Published on 15th September, 2023

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