12 May 2023

Seed Planters, Water Pourers, Lentil Pickers!

Planting has continued this week!  We are locked in a battle with the snails of Thornton Heath, who have found our broad bean plants’ leaves too much to resist. We have decided to plant as many seeds as possible!  The pumpkins have been planted out and the sunflowers which have germinated have been moved outside to become accustomed to the outdoor conditions. The children have been handling the seedlings, looking for roots, stems and leaves. We have been talking about the needs of a plant and the vital job each part of the plant does.  Next week, the children will be taking a vote…should we kill the snails or move them away from our  precious seedlings?

With rain and shine this week the children have been busy indoors and outside.

Lentils and oats have been poured, mixed, scooped and sprinkled. Wood has been hammered, nailed and adorned with recycled materials. The pulley system has been used to move earth, toys and pebbles. The splash zone has seen containers of all shapes and sizes used to transport  water and mud with guttering and pipes quite literally extending the exercise! All these projects have required planning independently and as a group. This means children discussing ideas with both their friends and adults: adjusting plans and resources, compromising and sharing, watching efforts not work out and having another try. Our setting offers a wonderful scope of space and resources. They lend themselves to a diverse array of activities, concocted by and chosen by the children with an adult nearby to support, suggest and guide.

Another busy week at Thornton Heath Nursery!

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Published on 12th May, 2023

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