14 October 2022

Scones and strawberry jam – yummy!

This week the Ladybird class have had the opportunity to do some cooking. They have been able make scones. The children have been taken to the kitchen in small groups to make it easier for them to maintain their attention and listen to the instructions they have to follow. The children spooned out the ingredients into the bowl and then they used their hands to combine the flour, sugar and butter, this got a bit messy! Then they had to add milk to form a dough. They rolled the dough out and cut out small circles, then it was time to put the scones in the oven to cook. When the scones were cooked and cooled they had them for their snack, spread with sweet strawberry jam. These were very tasty and the children enjoyed them a lot.

The children have also created some art work for our autumn display board. They did leaf printing and made collage acorn pictures. The Ladybird class have had a very busy week.


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Published on 14th October, 2022

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