14 June 2024

Scaling and Traversing the Challenges Together

This week Thornton Heath’s busiest A&E centre continued treating babies, children and the odd injured Early Years Educator.

Our raspberries began to ripen this week, from one or two on Monday and Tuesday by the end of the week there were ten ripe raspberries each morning for us to count and share.

Thousands of ants were spotted during the week and an experiment ensued.  Which food would the ants prefer? The children decided cucumber, orange, apple and sugar would be tested. The children carefully placed each food item outside the ants’ tunnels. Observation revealed sugar to be the clear favourite!

The wet weather just about held off, meaning the big climb was open all week. With all the children following the model of  one or two particularly able rope acrobats…new skills were learnt and mastered within the course of the week! A wonderful example of how our mixed age and wholly inclusive Nursery gives all our children the opportunity to learn from each other; whether learning from example or leading from example, valuable skills are learnt for life!



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Published on 14th June, 2024

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