24 November 2023

Sand Shifters, Domino Players, Bubble Bread Bakers!

This week our wheels were put away for most of the week to encourage our keen balance bikers to spread their wings and investigate other aspects of our garden.  Bridges were built as part of a plank and block assault course; the children not only having to design and build, but also to navigate the routes set out!

Our sand from last year has been moved from it’s pit to the digging area, to be incorporated into the soil. Loosening our heavy soil allows our younger children to use our metal digging equipment to shift soil and dig holes independently, developing their gross motor skills, whole body strength and ability to collaborate and navigate the space safely.

The sand pit has been temporarily  filled with leaves, a collaborative project that has involved wheel barrows, buckets, shovels and grabbers.

Inside, magnets and a variety of tools and metal fittings have provided an area of deep scientific interest and investigation.

Karen has started a THNS dominoes team capable of outwitting the  most seasoned professional and the production of Christmas cards, decorations and New Year Calendars has officially begun!


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Published on 24th November, 2023

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