19 October 2023

Run, Run as Fast as You Can!

Our last week of the half term was accompanied by gingerbread treats. Gingerbread was made by all of our afternoon children along with two groups from our morning session….with the remaining morning children ready to bake in our first week back in November…meaning we shall have treats to share as we gather around out firework pumpkins!

Cornflour was in the messy play area with the children experimenting with forces… What happens if you tap the cornflour/water mixture quickly? What happens if you push it down? How about scooping with tools? Pick it up and drop it…Does it drip or fall in lumps? What happens when it sticks to your hands?                                                                                                           Lots of speaking and sharing, but also an opportunity for quiet focused play and observation.

Next door to the messy play, Maria’s Magnets continued the investigation of forces as a custom made magnet trail encouraged the children to push and pull coins, characters, keys and other metal objects across a wooden platform.

Wheels were out this week, with squads of police officers patrolling the garden and fire officers extinguishing fires. Some gingerbread men even took flight on balance bikes, leaving the hungry animals in their wake.

There was tennis on the sand pit lid, visiting squirrels munching apples from our next door neighbour’s tree and pirates digging for golden coins….with only one of four being found…an so another THNS treasure hunt begins!


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Published on 19th October, 2023

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