11 October 2022

Ready, steady, GO!

Meet Coach Debbie! Debbie is a highly qualified sports coach specialising in coaching children and young adults from the age of 18 months to 25 years. We are lucky enough to have Debbie working with our children once a week. Over the past four weeks the children have taken part in tennis, hockey, agility and balancing. This week they will be learning the basic skills behind volleyball.  There are many advantages to incorporating physical education and physical play into children’s early years. Not only does it have countless health benefits it can also improve mental health and cognitive development as well.  Physical activity can also support the development of motor skills, build strong muscles and bones and teach personal, social and emotional skills. Not only is physical activity good for the development of the body, but it makes the brain work better too. Brain structure grows as people get fitter. Physical activity boosts your memory, improves concentration and improves mental health, no matter what age you are! The children are really enjoying these fun sessions and who knows, we might already have some future Olympians at the nursery!!

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Published on 11th October, 2022

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