18 November 2022

Rain, rain, go away!

This week the rain did not stop the learning! At times the torrential rain left us with no choice but to watch the “jungle rain” from the protection of our sheltered area, but as soon as the downpour eased, we were in our waterproofs and outside once more. We used our time in our sheltered area to create some artwork using wood, nails and a hammer, we have to concentrate and follow the health and safety rules so that we don’t tap our fingers instead of the nails.

As the cold weather took hold the children have enjoyed warm “bubble bread” daily.  Pairs of children were measuring and mixing the ingredients with increasing independence………by the spring term I am sure we will be having the first 100% independently mixed dough in our kitchen’s oven!

We have been creating block charts to communicate to others, this week we were choosing our favourite colour. If you look closely at the photograph you should be able to see which colour was our first choice!

The weather stayed dry on Friday, and we were able to start learning how to play badminton with Coach Debbie.

There were bear hunts galore as we read, performed, watched, and retold We’re Going on Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen.  This classic is one of our core books and is always available for the children to enjoy both independently, with an adult or as part of a group.

Next week, we shall be reading from one of our core information books, “Volcanoes”. Learning about how new islands are made and about how some monkeys use volcanoes to stay warm when it’s snowing!  This will filter through to our creative area, so expect some volcanic creations coming home week!

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Published on 18th November, 2022

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