04 November 2022

Rain or shine!

In our first week back after half term we have had rain and sunshine…but with the right equipment we have been outside having adventures as always! The autumn leaves were putting our lovely sand pit as risk of contamination, so sweeping and removing the leaves was an important job to do.

With bonfire night this weekend, we watched some firework display footage and spoke about the beauty of fireworks. This beauty of course can become danger if we do not follow a very important rule; when fireworks are being set off, we must always stay with our adults! The children added their own rule; we must always listen to our adult to stay safe.  The children of THNS always impress with their wisdom!

More children measured each other this week. Each child at THNS has a piece of string which is a long as they are tall.  When summer comes, we will be checking to see if any of the Rainbow Fruit and Vegetable eating children have grown throughout the year!

On Thursday morning, we had a visit from a musician called Anna who played her violin and led us in some singing and movement. She played a beautiful tune which made us feel peaceful and sleepy, and then a tune which made us jump and shake together!  We have many more musicians who have volunteered to come and play with us, which is very exciting indeed.

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Published on 4th November, 2022

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