03 November 2023

Rain and Shine

This week the children’s adventure continued come rain or shine!

With the last of our sunflower seeds and runner beans collected, and the vegetables chopped and eaten, the snails have been given free reign of the flower beds and green areas. There are baby snails busily consuming all before them.¬† Children collected, counted and then released the greedy animals…will we be finding the “little cuties” have changed come the spring time?

With fire fighters continuing to battle imaginary blazes throughout the Nursery and garden, a fire engine has been freshly painted, meaning the children can come to the rescue all the quicker.

Inside, children  built peg towers and castles. Using their towers to measure each other, whilst comparing both size and quantity of pegs, the children built their processing and language skills in comparison, assessment and mathematical judgment.

Cornflour mix and water was poured, squeezed and rolled with consistency changing throughout each session. Sometimes powdery, sometimes slimy, sometimes both at once?!


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Published on 3rd November, 2023

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