28 March 2024

Potting Up the Beans…Snail Watch…and Magpie nest Building!

Our final week before the Easter break has been busy one.

Our runner bean seedlings outgrew their pots and the strongest 10 plants have been planted out. After careful observation of delicate handling, some keen volunteers lovingly placed the seedlings into their new homes. Fingers crossed the frost and snails stay away.

With the beans well on the way, we planted all of our sunflower seeds which were harvested from the two varieties which grew last year, this means we can be sure the butterflies, bees and squirrels will visit throughout the coming year!

We have been watching our resident magpies build their nest for two weeks now; after an argument with a crow and two seagulls we feared the worst, but happily the magpies have persevered and remain in residence!

With Easter coming, we decided to make our own chocolate nests in honour of the brave magpies. Crumbling chocolate and observing it melt above warm water added a scientific dimension to the children’s cooking exploits. The children folded crunchy cereal into the liquid chocolate, before adding some halved chocolate eggs providing both gross and fine motor exercise¬† as the children carefully spooned the gooey concoction into paper cases.

Next term, farmer Jane will be delivering a batch of hens eggs for us to care for and observe in the days before they hatch. The 10 chicks will be joining our new pet fish as the reading room takes on its additional role as a pet corner!

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Published on 28th March, 2024

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