11 November 2022

Pop, bang, fizz!

With bonfire night last weekend, it gave us the opportunity to watch some firework display footage on the interactive whiteboard and talk about the beautiful fireworks. However, with these stunning explosions of colour there is also danger! We learnt some golden rules for keeping safe. When fireworks are being set off, we must always stay with our adults to stay safe. The ladybird class have created some amazing firework pictures, they have learnt how to drizzle runny glue in intricate patterns and sprinkle glitter to represent the burst of colour that fireworks create in the night sky. Using the interactive whiteboard, they were able to select their favourite colours and trace their fingers across the touch screen to make lots of different coloured splatter marks. The activities have promoted the use of fine motor skills and hand / eye co-ordination and of course there was lots of fun and excitement too! The children were then able to make decisions about which of their pieces of work they wanted to display in the creative area for everyone to see. Well done ladybirds!


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Published on 11th November, 2022

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