06 May 2022

Planting a “feast”!

This week the ladybird class have been very busy. The children have been doing lots of planting. They have been learning how to look after a garden and plants. The children helped weed the garden first to prepare the soil for our seeds, they then planted lots of different vegetables. They have planted potatoes, leeks, tomatoes, cucumbers and radishes, These were put straight into the soil. They have also planted beans and sunflower seeds into pots, when they have sprouted they will be transferred to the garden. They have learnt that we need to water our plants daily to feed them and without water they will not grow. All the children had the opportunity to get involved in this activity and have enjoyed doing this, they are also very keen to help water the plants and take turns in doing this daily.


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Published on 6th May, 2022

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