28 April 2023

Planters, Germinators and Green Fingered Plant Carers!

The children of Thornton Heath were as busy as always in the Nursery this week!

With different versions of Jack and the Beanstalk being read… it was bean planting time! Within the week, our runner beans had germinated and will soon be climbing up to the clouds… or at least to the top of our trellis to make a wonderful canopy of flowers and foliage!

Our second generation sun flower seeds were gathered from last years Sun flower heads. The children explored the crispy, brown sunflowers. They counted the seeds into cups before planting into the soil.

A fresh delivery of soil meant it was shovelling time. A variety of tools were used by many different teams of children to shift the soil which was delivered by crane over the fence!

With sun flower seeds germinating, pumpkin plants flourishing and beautiful purple beetroot shoots emerging the children are already caring for new life in our busy garden.

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Published on 28th April, 2023

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