19 June 2023

Picasso portraits

This term we are focusing on the artist Picasso. Picasso was an artist that liked to use big bold shapes and sometimes he used bright colours. This week the Ladybird class have created their own version of a Picasso picture. The children have had to choose from a selection of pictures of facial features and stick them to a face template. With support they created their master pieces with adults helping them to focus closely on the different features on a face. The children have focused for extended periods of time and this is apparent in the quality of the work they have produced; their wonderful pictures are now on display in their classroom for everyone to see.  It is very important to display the children’s work as this shows them that there work is valued by all. Well done children you should be very proud of yourselves.

The role play area was turned into a doctor’s surgery this week. This has given the children the opportunity to act out the role of a doctor or nurse and also learn what the role entails. The children have answered the telephone and made appointments, learnt about the different instruments that are used for different things e.g. stethoscope to listen to heart and thermometer to take your temperature. The children used dolls as their patients but were also happy to play the role of a patient. This has given them the chance to use the different instruments and has been very popular.

As you know the weather has been extremely hot this week so the children have had lots of water play. They have been able to go fishing, sailing or just simple pouring and filling a variety of containers. As it is Friday we decided to get out the sprinkler for the children to enjoy. This has resulted in a few wet clothes but the children have had so much fun and it has helped them stay cool.

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Published on 19th June, 2023

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