24 February 2023

Pancake time

This week the Ladybird class have had the opportunity to help make pancakes, they had to carefully crack two eggs, pour two cups of milk and tip two cups of flour into the bowl, they then had to whisk all the ingredients together to make a batter which was hard work. Once the batter was made it was given to Jim who cooked our pancakes. Unfortunately, we were not able to cook them ourselves as all the children in the nursery wanted to try one so poor Jim cooked them all for us. It took him a long time and he was very hot when he had finished. We had the pancakes for our snack as it is nice to try different foods. Well done Jim they were delicious!

The Ladybird class are working on a large scale animal in the art room. We are doing this as our topic is about Amazing Animals. This gives each child an opportunity to get messy and learn that different media can be combined to create something amazing, this is going to take a few weeks to complete, this ensures that every child has contributed to the model.

We are listening to reggae music this term and it has been fun so far, we are learning new moves and using all the different musical instruments to play along to the music. We are also able to listen to some familiar nursery rhymes in reggae style, this has been different but enjoyable.

The children have had baby role play this week, they have been washing the babies and then drying and dressing them, it is amazing how well the children have done as some clothes are tricky to do up for example, baby vests that have poppers. The children have been talking about differences for example when they were a baby they had no teeth and now they have!

Debbie our sports coach was in this week and we were learning to follow her instructions on what to do with a ball for example, put it on your head and then sit on the ball. We also did a lot of running when kicking the ball around. We need to be physical to build our muscles and make us strong and healthy.


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Published on 24th February, 2023

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