24 February 2023

Pancake Bonanza!

This week saw a very busy kitchen, with flat breads, pan cakes and bubble bread all being made on different days. The children measured, poured, mixed, whisked, stirred and folded… they stretched and squeezed, they pummelled…they tried a new technique of tickling the dough into shape!  Developing speech, vocabulary, physical strength with fine and gross motor exercise…and of course sharing delicious food with their friends! Being thankful and enjoying each other being a key part of our time at Thornton Heath Nursery School.

In messy play this week , there was cornflour and varying amounts of water- from wet and slippery to dry and chalky. From solid to liquid depending on how the gloop is manipulated, a truly sensory experience to captivate the senses and get the children sharing ideas and feelings, not just through speech but through their body language, facial expressions and vocal sounds. Messy play gives a platform to share as a group which transcends one’s ability to speak a shared verbal language.

The mud kitchen and splash area were in action this week as we begin a drive locally to source some wellington boots- the children thrive exploring the mud and water but need to be protected and kept comfortable as they do so. If you have any children’s boots which have served their time with you, please bring them to us so we can put them to good use!

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Published on 24th February, 2023

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