24 June 2022

Our natural world!

This week we have been having lots of sensory fun inside and out.

With bubbles in water, air and rushing through pipes there was experimentation galore. There was stretching, chopping and even “birthday cake splatting” on the messy play tray as Helen created a new type of slime for us all to experiment with.

Our fascination with the living things in our garden has continued…a splash of rain led to another snail attack on our sunflowers…. The sunflower protection team were ready to move the snails in a humane and gentle way!  Some spider’s eggs hatched with hundreds of baby spiders honing their web spinning skills near to the garden gate, take a close look at pick up time and you may spot one or two for yourself.

Our letter and sound of the week was “o” found in Orange and Octopus! We watched clips from the BBC about crab stealing and land walking Octopuses and learnt about their 8 tentacles which contain some of their brains! Their brains are so big; they are one of the cleverest animals in the natural world.

You can watch the crabs and octopus using the links below:

Octopus Steals Crab from Fisherman | Super Smart Animals | BBC Earth – Bing video

The Incredible octopus that can walk on dry land | The Hunt – BBC – YouTube


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Published on 24th June, 2022

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